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Sod Installation

Our sandy soil can be a challenge when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn.  Using the correct sod grass for your particular soil and degree of shading is important.  Newland Landscape Solutions has the expertise to help you determine the best sod grass for your yard. 

We have four sod grasses to choose from:

  • Zoysia grass
  • St. Augustine grass
  • Centipede grass
  • Bermuda grass

Free Estimates

We will come to your location analyze your lawn, take measurements, and provide you with a free estimate that is competitively priced, and service that is backed by our professional crew.

Professional Sod Installation

To ensure a great start on the investment you make in your lawn, your sod installation will include the following professional standards:

  • A soil sample test to determine the best fertilization needs for your specific lawn
  • Marking of underground utilities prior to work performance
  • A sprinkler system check to ensure your grass will be properly irrigated
  • Removal of old sod with a sod cutter as opposed to tilling of the existing lawn for an even appearance
  • Acquiring the highest quality sod available in the area
  • A successful maintenance plan to ensure your new sod gets a great start

30-Day GUARANTEE on all sod installations.

Customer Satisfaction

Check our customer service performance record at the Better Business Bureau, Click on either of the images below and check out our customer satisfaction.In particular, note the number of complaints we have received:

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