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Looking for a Landscaping Company in Navarre?

The sight of a beautiful landscape never gets old and a well-manicured lawn can be beneficial to any home. Let one of the most trusted and experienced landscaping company in Navarre transform your “yard” into the oasis you’ve always wanted. We service both business and residential needs along the Florida Gulf Coast with a reputation for the quality and service you expect.

From complete, professional landscape design to flower bed installation and everything in between, NewLand Landscape Solutions can help you create a pleasing landscape that offers curb appeal through both form and function of design. Our expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you knowledgeable advice on your landscape needs. Whether you are designing a new landscape or simply reinventing an existing one, it’s always good to use a professional landscaping service in order to avoid damage to your lawn as well as save yourself time and money! A specialist will go over the best options to match your landscaping desires all while keeping things within your budget. We are able to offer a number of services, including:

  • Landscape & hardscape installation- If you do not have the time or resources to maintain your lawn, hardscaping may be the choice for you. By implementing more stone and paved surfaces into the design of your landscape, we can save you the time and energy of maintenance.
  • Tree and shrub planting and removal- Unsightly trees and shrubs can be removed with ease to make your lawn more pleasing to the eye. Removal may also be necessary for safety reasons. This should always be done by professionals with proper equipment.
  • Sprinkler system repairs & modifications- A sprinkler system is a great way to keep your lawn green with little effort. Sprinklers maintenance is important to ensure you have no future problems with your system.
  • Tilling- This will prepare the ground and keep the soil healthy and full of the nutrients it needs for your lawn to flourish.
  • Mulch & pine straw installation- To give your flower beds a new look, mulch and pine straw can be an excellent addition. It will also help prevent unwanted weeds and grasses from growing.
  • Retaining walls- Outdoor installations give any lawn a luxurious appearance. These can designed to your preference and what best suits your landscape.
  • Drainage solutions- A proper drainage system is an important part of maintaining your lawn and avoiding future water problems. NewLand Landscape Solutions can install a system that will benefit your landscape and give you confidence in your new lawn.

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